We recommend purchasing KLASIKA greenhouses to those who value quality and durability. These are among the strongest greenhouses produced by construction for amateur and professional gardening. The strength of the structure allows you to tie plants (climbing tomatoes, cucumbers) to the frame of the greenhouse, and to hang pots and shelves. KLASIKA greenhouse profiles are made of 78 mm wide steel strips. Greenhouses are assembled with M5 screws. Metal strips are cut with guillotines. The zinc thickness of the profiles is 275 gr/m², which meets extremely high quality requirements. Greenhouses are covered with European 4 or 6 mm BRETT MARTIN channel polycarbonate coating, which is guaranteed for even 10 years against harmful UV rays! The greenhouses of UAB "MEISTRO KODAS" have been granted a CE marking certificate issued by UAB "KIWA inspecta". Based on this certificate, we declare that during the production process we comply with EXC2 performance class according to EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011, galvanized steel, according to En10346: DX51D+Z.


Warranty provides the Manufacturer of a greenhouse KLASIKA (product) JSC „MEISTRO KODAS“ hereinafter referred to manufacturer. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we offer to read carefully the product warranty terms and conditions and terms of a free service.


Warranty - is an obligation of the manufacturer to the first line Distributor or Buyer (the final user) to compensate the amount paid for the goods or replace the goods if they are of poor quality. The warranty period - is the period during which the manufacturer undertakes to replace the product or refund the amount paid for the product.
The first line distributor - the seller having the direct sales contract with JSC “MEISTRO KODAS“.
The Buyer (the final user) - a person who has purchased a greenhouse KLASIKA of the Manufacturer JSC “MEISTRO KODAS“ directly from the Manufacturer or from the first line distributor, and has a documentary evidence of the purchase.

This warranty is the sole and replaces all other warranties and liabilities, with the exception of state regulations and rules. The greenhouse frame has a warranty for 60 months against corosion, when pitting occurs due to rust. One of the components of a greenhouse KLASIKA Easy – polycarbonate – is given a separate sellers warranty which depends on the manufacturer of the polycarbonate used by the seller. The warranty starts to be valid from the date of product purchase directly from the Manufacturer or the first line distributor. The day of purchase is the date that is indicated in the invoice. The guarantee applies only to quality defects of a greenhouse KLASIKA caused by the fault of the manufacturer during the manufacturing process.

- Damages caused by natural disaster, natural, ecological and other anomalies and force majeure cases;
- When the cause of damage - is an inadequate transportation (except cases when the Manufacturer transports the product himself to the first line distributors or the buyer), storage or use of the product for other purposes;
- When a greenhouse KLASIKA is installed not in accordance with the detailed process of the installation of installation instructions, causing the resulting damages of the product;
- Product is mechanically damaged, was settled of or affected in some other way after it was transferred to the Buyer;
- Due to damages, resulting from unqualied maintenance or repair services;
- Naturally worn out parts of the product.

By submitting a product for the warranty repair, be sure to provide the proof of the purchase of goods. During the warranty period, warranty service is free.

- The Buyer (the final user) pays for the transportation costs of the Manufacturer (If the manufacturer recognizes the damage of the product as unreasonable);
- Warranty of the repaired goods is not extended - it is valid for the remaining time.

- Before installing the greenhouse, be sure to read the installation instructions.
- Take all necessary precautions to prevent accidents when working with the greenhouse structure (including the metal structure and polycarbonate cover).
- Always wear your personal protective work clothes and other safety equipment.
- Do not make any changes to the design.
- After completing the installation work, check whether the structure of the greenhouse is firm and does not pose a risk for further use.
- Be alert and careful when performing installation work in the greenhouse.
- Land owners and other users must comply with the provisions of the Land Law - when carrying out economic and other activities on their land plots, they must not violate the rights and interests protected by law of the owners or users of adjacent land plots and residents. More detailed information is available at the State Spatial Planning and Construction Inspectorate under the Ministry of Environment.

IMPORTANT! Check the contents of the supply according to the provided part list. During the installation of the greenhouse, we recommend that you tighten the screws easily by hand, so that you can freely move and adjust the profiles if necessary. Align the assembled frame with a spirit level and only then fasten the screws.

We reserve the right to make changes and improvements in the greenhouse installation instructions related to technical progress, which may result in inconsistencies in descriptions or illustrations.


1. At the end of the season, we recommend removing the agricultural crops left in the greenhouse.
2. Water the soil well.
3. Remove all supporting means such as: ropes, sticks, plant stakes, tapes, and other means, you will remove comfortable "hibernation shelters" for pests and diseases.
4. Wash the walls of the greenhouse. We recommend using water, a cloth and a simple diluted dishwashing detergent.
5. At the end of the season, seal, close the windows and doors, lock the automatic window lifters.
6. Important! It is strictly forbidden to use sulfur fume hoods for disinfecting the greenhouse, as it damages the frame of the greenhouse.
7. In the cold period of the year - it is advisable to prop up the greenhouse, so that it does not deform in case of a large amount of snow. It is also important to clean the excess snow from the upper part of the greenhouse.


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